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Our volunteers make it happen!

The Huntington Historical Society keeps running and serving the community due to the great generosity of the volunteers who serve. We have continuous needs that are filled with people who find it rewarding to be part of presentation  and preservation of history.


All it takes is a commitment of 3 hours a month (or more if you like)  There is a wide variety of important duties day to day, as well as projects. Docents  host each of the museum properties and welcome visitors to the past . There are educational programs, genealogy, photos, collections, and buildings to maintain.

 We run several events each year that need people like you to help with set up, admission, hosting and planning. An example  is the Sheep to Shawl, that takes the shearing of sheep as the opening highlight, through the stages of the wool to make a shawl



 There are also projects that come up, that have special needs. A current project is at the Kissam House. Kissam Restoration Project. This  includes the restoration of the original 1840 kitchen, with fireplace and beehive oven,  restoration and painting of the exterior of the building on the property, building a new work  kitchen for events as part of the barn outbuilding, and updating the Museum Shop. This is in process now, and has had many people involved with items from painting, moving, carpentry, cleaning, fund raising, estimating, accounting, etc. Besides, it is fascinating to be part of a project that is part of our town’s history. We researched and discovered how the original fireplace and oven where built, and worked with skilled masons to reproduce the original, in the same place. We hope to have the project completed by end of Summer. We will then be working on the Conklin House.