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Marianne, Thank you for your Service to the Society

Marianne, how do we thank you for fifteen years of Wednesdays and financial reports.  Fifteen years of audits. Fifteen years of volunteering your time at Sheep to Shawl Festivals, Apple Festivals, House Tours and Antiques Shows.  How do we thank you for your friendship, your sunny bright presence and your dedication to the Huntington Historical Society. 

Each one of us has our own way of saying it.

Lilian says "For the past eight years Wednesdays have been synonymous with 'Marianne Day' in my mind.  Thank you for your friendship, your kindness, your sense of humor and your grandmotherly wisdom.  I'll miss you."

Wendy says that "We will always have the Pub Crawl as our special night of sips and giggles." 
Louise thinks that "as a bookkeeper you are absolutely 'hysterical.'" 
Cathi says that "its hard to imagine the office without you.  Your volunteer contribution to both festivals is probably my most vivid image.  You are smart, kind, tenacious, diligent, fun and sweet.  I wish you the best of everything, always. 
Artie Sniffin says "Marianne, you have been a dear friend for many years. We will miss your lively conversations at lunchtime, mostly about food, also about trips to France. In addition Irene and I appreciated your professional handling of financial activities associated with the annual research trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Thanks Marianne."

Maria says that "Wednesdays won't feel the same without Your sunny disposition, graciousness and wit.  You have been a good friend and a generous co-worker.
 Pat says "It's hard to think of you as gone.  I prefer to believe that you will continue to join our happy band in Historical Society pursuits.   You can believe I will call. Lilian and I are most grateful for your guidance to us as clueless but eager co-treasures.  Oh yes, add a key ingredient--patience."

Claudia believes that "Marianne, you have been an institution at the Society and will surely be missed, especially your funny comments and of course those tasty baked treats that I began to look forward to on Wednesday's."
Toby says that "The Society is so thankful for all the years of service that you have given to us, not just in handling all of our financial needs, but as a willing volunteer and a good friend to the Society."

Marianne, you have had a positive impact on our lives and we will miss you.  Please keep in touch.