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Ackerly Family Collection

Ackerson, H. Ward, Papers

Adams, Mary C. Kelsey, Collection

Anoatok, Inc.

Arthur Family Collection



Baker, Florence, Papers

Baldwin, Dan, Collection

Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs, Collection

Baldwin Family Collection

Banker, Howard J., Collection

Barnes, Djuna Collection (Carman House Collection)

Baylis Family Collection

Bible Records

Bragaw Diary

Brindley Field Collection

British Genealogical Papers

Brown Brothers Pottery Collection

Brown Family Collection

Brush Family Collection

Buffet Family Collection

Bunce Family Collection

Burr, Aaron, Collection

Burr, Carll, Papers

Burr Family Collection

Burrwood Collection (Estate of Walter Jennings)

Business, Huntington


Cantrell, J.T., Company Records

Carll Family Collection

Carll, Mabel F., Collection

Carman House Collection (361 Half Hollow Rd.)


Central Presbyterian Church Collection

Children's Book & Notes, Acct. Books

Citizen's League of Huntington Records

Civil Defense Collection

Civil War Records

Coindre Hall (George McKesson Brown Estate) Collection

Cold Spring Harbor Home Defense Reserve Records

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Collection

Conklin, Abel K. Collection

Conklin Family Collection

Conklin House Collection

Conklin, Roland Ray Collection

Consolidated Ice Company Records

Crossman, Alfred B., Family Papers

Crossman Family Collection

Crossman, Mary McKay, Papers

The Culture Club of Huntington Records


Denton Family Papers

Detweiler, Sarah, Papers

Dove, Arthur & Helen Torr Collection

Dreusike, Anna


East Side School (CSH) Attendance Records

Eaton's Neck Deeds (see Voyse)

Eberstadt Family Collection

Eldrege, Ashton, Papers

Ethnic Oral History Project


Field, Abraham L., Papers

Fleet Family Collection

Flessel, Craig, Papers

Funnell Family Papers

Funnell & Sons Druggists Records


Gaines, Mary, Genealogical Collection

Gildersleeve Family Collection

Glynn Family Papers

Gould/Caledonia Farms Records

Gould Family Collection

Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Collection


Hagstaff, Faith Conklin, Collection

Hale, Nathan, Collection

Hale, Nathan, Committee Records

Hall, Martha K., Papers

Hallock Family Collection

Hartt Family Papers

Hartt, Rev. Joshua, Collection

Havens, Henry P., Account Books

Hazelton, Judge Edgar F. & Therese C., Collection

Heckscher Art Museum Collection

Hoffman, John L., Collection

Holmes Family Collection

Humeston, Rev. Edward J., Collection

Huntington Government-Environmental Control

Huntington Government-Highway Dept.

Huntington Government-Planning Dept.

Huntington Hospital Collection

Huntington Lyceum Collection

Huntington Public Library Collection

Huntington Sewing and Trade School

Hurd, Myrtle O.I. Johnson, Collection


Ireland Family Collection


James, A. Robert, Genealogy Collection

Jarvis Family Collection

Jarvis, William, Papers

Jennings, Walter, Estate Collection


Kahn, Otto, Collection

Kang, Younghill,.Collection

Kelsey Family Collection

Kennedy Family Collection

Ketcham Family Collection

Kissam Family Collection

Kissam House (Powell/Jarvis House) Collection

Kissam House Barn Collection

Kjellander, John, Papers

Korbman Family Collection


Lange, Edward, Collection

Lee, S. Orlando, Collection

Lindgrove, Marion Smith, Papers

Lloyd family Collection

Lott, Roy, Collection

Ludlam, Harriet Conklin, Genealogical Collection


Mann, Florence K.

McComb, John, Papers

McKay, James T., Collection

Mead/Paulding Family Collection

Methodist Episcopal Church Quarterly Conference

Migrant Workers-Suffolk County

Mitchell, Elizabeth, Papers

Moore, Mary E., Papers

Moreland, Joseph H., Collection

Mott Family Collection

Mulford, Caroline P., Collection

Mulford Family Collection

Music, Popular (1900-1910)

Music, Popular (1800, 1920, 1930)


National Recovery Administration (NRA), Huntington Committee

Needlework Articles

Nimmo, Joseph, Jr. Collection

Northport Fire Department Records

Northrop, Gail, Collection


Oakley Family Collection

Old First Presbyterian Church Collection


Pampellone, Virginia Papers

Paulding, Adm. Hiram, Collection

Platt Family Collection

Potter Family Collection

Powell Family Collection

Prime Family Collection


Quarterly Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church Huntington Circuit Records


Raynor, Gerald Papers

Regional Plans-Long Island

Regional Plans-Suffolk County

Rhodes, Peleg, Correspondence Collection

Riese, Muriel Lefferts, Collection

Riggs, John, Papers

Rogers, David, Collection

Rogers Family Collection

Roosevelt, President Theodore, Collection

Ross, Gregory, Family History Collection

Roux, Barbara Collection & Papers

Rushmore Family Collection


Saint John's Episcopal Church, Huntington, Collection

Saint Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Collection

Saint Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church Records

Sammis Family Collection

Sammis, Dr. Florence Eastty, Papers

Sauer, Paul, Collection

Scudder Family Collection

Scudder, George W., Papers

Scudder, Timothy F., Collection

Selleck Family Collection

Sermons Collection

Seversmith, Herbert F., Collection

Shakeshaft, Donald, Papers

Shaughnessy, Mrs. James, Papers

Shepard Family Collection

Shipping Record Book, Huntington Harbor

Sills Family Papers

Simpson, Robert L., Papers

Skidmore Family Collection

Smith, D[aniel] W., Papers

Smith Family Collection

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building Collection

Somers, Robert, Papers

Soper, Edwin L., Historic Long Island Collection

Soper, Edwin L., Long Islander Collection

Soper, Edwin L., Papers

Sprague, Dr. Carl W., Collection

Stilwell, Clara T. Scudder, Collection

Strawson Family Collection

Street, Charles R., Papers

Strnad, Frank, Papers

Stuart, Carlos D., Collection

Suydam Family Collection


Taylor, Edward

Titus Family Collection

Townsend Family Collection

Trainer, William B., Papers


Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Records


Vail Family Collection

Valentine, Andrus & Harriet Papers

Valentine Family Collection

Valentine, Israel, Collection

Vanderbilt Family Collection

Vanderbilt Motor Parkway Exhibit Papers

Vanderbilt Museum Collection

Van Sise Family Collection

Van Syckle Papers

Van Wyck/Vanderveer Family Collection

Velsor Family Collection

Voyse, Mary, Collection


Waller, Fred, Papers

Walters Family Collection

Washington, George, Collection

Weaver, Nellie, Collection

Weekes Family Collection

Wemyss, Lt.  Col.  James, Papers

West Hills Methodist Church Records

West Side School Records

Wheeler, Alfred, Collection

Wheeler Family Collection

Whitman Family Collection

Whitman, Walt, Collection

Wickes Family Collection

Williams Family Papers

Wincoma Estates Records

Wolfe, Michael L., Collection

Wood, Henry L., Papers

Wood, Silas, Papers

Wood, Wilton W. Collection

Wood Family Collection

Woodbury Methodist Church Records

Woolsey Family Collection


Young Family Collection