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Passport to the Past
"Time Travel" Takes on a whole new meaning

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The Huntington Historical Society's Passport to the Past summer program is an exciting step back into time for children ages 7 to 12.  Each session runs for two weeks, each weekday from 9:00 am to noon.
Attendees are limited so advance reservations are required.
 The cost is $300 per person for Society members and $400 for non members.  Take a family membership of $60 and save $100 on each registration.  Call the office: 427-7045, Ext. 401 or the Educator, 427-7045, ext. 404
There are three Passport to the Past sessions each summer.  

Please call the office to register your child.
you can register and pay with the buttons below
(Please Consider becoming a member to save on the registration)

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This program is designed to make history interesting as well as fun.  Trained counselors, often dressed in period costumes, lead children on an exciting adventure where the crafts, games and everyday experiences enjoyed by children of the Colonial and Victorian eras come alive.  Senator John Flanagan and Assemblyman Andrew Raia stopped by to see the action.  Many thanks to them for their help in securing funding to support Passport to the Past, and our many other educational programs.

All activities take place in the historic Kissam Barn and children also have the opportunity to tour the interior of the Dr. Daniel W. Kissam house, built in 1795.  An old fashioned snack and drink will be provided daily; something cooked over an open fire for authenticity.  Also the new Bee-hive oven is used to bake bread the way it was done by the Kissam family.

As a Passport to the Past participant, your child will:

  • Make candles

  • Use old tools

  • Make old fashioned ice cream

  • Participate in historic reenactments and entertainment

  • Create American Indian crafts

  • Do needlepoint embroidery

  • Churn butter

  • Dye and Spin wool

  • Make shadow puppets

  • Weave on a variety of looms

  • ...and much, much more