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Huntington Historical Society Mission Statement


 Vision:  The Huntington Historical Society will be totally integrated in the life and interest of the community as the visually and technologically accessible source of regional historical information and knowledge.

 Mission:  The Huntington Historical Society is the focal point for preserving the ongoing heritage of the Town of Huntington.  We support this mission through public education programs, maintaining museums, collections and a regional research center; promoting the preservation of historic buildings and sites; and by partnering with local and regional institutions.

 Society Goals:

 1.    To provide long-term financial and human resources to ensure the health and vitality of the organization
Objective:  We will develop stable, reliable sources of support to ensure the longevity of the

 2.    To be relevant to the life of the community with a focus on communication with our constituencies by expanding our local, county, regional, state and national information links to affirm our position as a focal point for Huntington history
ObjectiveBy expanding our information links, we will broaden our visibility and gain recognition.

 3.    To effectively present the richness of the collections to promote public knowledge, the support of their preservation, and ongoing acquisitions to Society collections
Objective:  By effectively presenting our collections, we will increase knowledge of collections and the value of collecting.

4.    To develop programs reflecting the diverse and changing populations of the community and to encourage widespread participation and support.
Objective:  By developing programs that reflect our changing population, we expect to become more relevant and grow as an organization.

 5.    To foster partnerships with leading institutions in the community to strengthen our status as a contemporary institution with a historical perspective
Objective:  Through partnerships we can create something bigger than what we can accomplish  alone.

 6.    To ensure that the Society’s facilities provide welcoming and accessible environments for the public to explore Huntington history; to ensure stable and secure space for the exhibition and storage of collections, and ample, tech-ready workspace for the staff, volunteers and researchers
Objective:  We want to provide state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that we have accessible, secure work and exhibition spaces for the public and staff.