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The Business of Doing Business in Huntington

With the growth of the Town of Huntington, founded in 1653, came the need for goods and services which the early families could not provide for themselves through farming and crafts.

The first industry to be established in town was the mill.  Early Huntington court records, dated October 25 1660, discuss a law suit for breach of contract regarding the flour mill, which was located on Mill Dam Lane.

As the town grew so did the number and variety of stores.  These family owned stores, often with the storekeeper's family living on site, lined the village streets.  Eventually these wood framed structures were replaced by brick buildings.

This exhibit focuses on several businesses in Huntington from the expected to the somewhat unusual.  Highlighting the collections of the Society's archives we have selected some businesses for which we have family papers, photographs, account books and personal recollections.  If you have items which you would like to share or donate to the Society, please call us at (631)427-7045.

 Here are some of the items on view in the exhibit.