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The artists in the exhibit have all lived and/or worked in the Town of Huntington during the 19th and 20th centuries.  Most of the works are from the Collection of the Huntington Historical Society and represent scenes of Huntington, done for professional purposes as well as personal enjoyment.  Not all of the artists are known, some works are unsigned or signed by initials only,  which have yet to be identified.  Even some of the signed  works are by individuals we have not been able to place, either by residence or profession.  However, all the works represent places and people in the Town of Huntington over  two centuries.





 Edward Lange and James Long Scudder were both professional 19th century artists who gained a reputation for their works during their lifetime.  Samuel West, a 19th century contemporary,  painted in his spare  time for personal pleasure.  20th century artists include Earl Mayan and Creig Flessel who earned their livings as  illustrators and cartoonists as well as on paper and canvas.

 Some of the artists painted on chairs, screens and shingles.  20th century artist Joy Buba was a sculptor with works in the National Statuary Hall and the National Portrait Gallery, but she also illustrated books and painted scenes of local landscapes and houses.

Some of our artists have graduated from our local schools such as Barry Rockwell, Harborfields 65 and Creig  Flessel,  Huntington 30.  Others, like Hilda Taylor who moved into the house at 434 Park Avenue, Huntington in the 1940s, gained national recognition after coming to Huntington.  In 1967 the Huntington Historical Society purchased that house from the estate of Mrs. Taylor and today it is the Dr. Daniel Whitehead Kissam House. 

Some scenes from the exhibit are shown below.