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Holidays with the Conklins and Friends

Each year the tour is unique, with a different theme.  The 2006 tour included our own Conklin Farmhouse and other houses in the community owned by Conklin family members and friends of the Conklins.  There were six houses on the tour including the Historical Society's 1750 David Conklin House.

 At the Huntington Historical Society's Conklin Farmhouse, on the corner of High Street and New York Avenue, visitors could tour our new exhibit, of Olde Tyme  "Dolls, Trains and Other Toys."  This is a captivating collection of antique dolls, trains and toys from the 19th and early 20th-centuries,  Adults and children alike enjoyed viewing these one-of-a-kind toys  which were once the favorite playthings of Huntington children living long ago.  A highlight of the exhibit includes a working Lionel-manufactured trolley, c. 1910,  which takes a sentimental journey (through the exhibit) from  Halesite to the depot in Huntington Station, with vintage photos of  the New York Avenue streetscape as its backdrop. 

Delicious refreshments were served in the barn.  Restrooms for the tour were only be available at our Conklin House and Conklin Barn.  Costumes from the Society's extensive collection were on display.  They covered the time period from the late 1700s to the early 1900s.  The costumes were exhibited at the Conklin House on mannequins placed in the rooms and the in the exhibit gallery.