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Dedicated to documenting family history
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Since 1975, the Genealogy Workshop of the Huntington Historical Society has been helping people from all over the country trace their family roots.  The Workshop provides technical help in researching and documenting one's own family history through it's lecture programs.  It makes use of the extensive archives of the Society, and sponsors trips to Salt Lake City to use the largest genealogical library in the world.

The Society's Genealogy Workshop conducts monthly meetings with guest speakers to discuss issues of common concern to family historians.  Periodically the Workshop, in conjunction with the Genealogy Federation of Long Island, conducts a Genealogical seminar.  The program, which features local, national and international speakers, attracts participants from the northeast region.


The Workshop publishes ten monthly newsletters featuring local, national and international topics of genealogical interest.   Other activities include field trips to resource centers and genealogical activities such as cemetery tombstone readings and indexing.


To receive the Genealogy Workshop Newsletter, add a Fee of $10 to your membership payment.