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Dr. Alfred V. Sforza

          Dr. Alfred V. Sforza is a lifelong resident of the Town of Huntington and educated in the Huntington Public School System.  

          He is a  two-term member of the Huntington Historical Society Board of Trustees and has served on the Town Of Huntington 350th Anniversary Committee and   the Town of Huntington Police Department Appreciation Day  Committee.

          Dr. Sforza is an Associate Clinical Professor in Pediatric Dentistry  at New York University College of Dentistry also maintains a local family dental practice with his son, Dr. Anthony Sforza.           

          He has lectured on the history of Huntington and the H. Bellas Hess estate at schools, libraries, churches, and community organizations.   Dr. Sforza is married to the former Barbara J. Albin who was also born in Huntington.  They have three children and five grandchildren.  The Sforza’s have resided in Huntington all their lives. His father, affectionately called “Freddie the Shoemaker” has been in business in Huntington for over 71 years. Often called the “Unofficial Historian of Huntington Station” Dr. Sforza has close ties with the area and the people that make up this Long Island community.  They are a part of the heart of Huntington.

 He has published three books on the history of Huntington:

 Portrait Of A Small Town I
A Pictorial and Personal History of Huntington Station

 Portrait Of A Small Town II
Huntington, New York ‘In The Beginning
A personal and pictorial history of the geology, first Americans, government, law enforcement, and places of worship that influenced the development of Huntington.

 Portrait Of A Small Town III
Huntington Station
A Critical Review of Urban Renewal and a  Vanished Community. 
“A Narrative That Needs To Be Told.”