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Volunteers at Work

The Huntington Historical Society was fortunate when Dr. Marcus, when he was removing shelving from his office in Southdown, thought of the Society.  There is always a need for organized storage at our properties, and good shelving is expensive.  The problem, however, was how to remove, transport and install the shelves into the Conklin basement.
The problem was solved when Toby Kissam rounded up a group of buff, willing volunteers to provide the power for the move.  On a Saturday, when the Doctor's office was not open, these volunteers gathered to get the job done.  Toby, Robert Hughes, Larry Leek and Tom Ernst did the job.
This story is repeated over and over, volunteers making repairs, providing transportation, acting as educators and  docents, setting up exhibits, mailing postcards and newsletters, entering the collections into our computer database.  The volunteer staff is what makes it possible for the Society to function.
Below you will see some images from the move of shelving from Dr. Marcus' office to the Basement at the Conklin Farmhouse Museum.