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  In the evening of Friday, April 17th the exhibit, In the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building, celebrating the end of the Civil War, was opened with a series of talks in the parking lot next to the building

Following the talks, the exhibit was opened to the public and refreshments were served.

The Diary of Amelia Brush

 January 1, 1863   -  December 31, 1868


This Civil War area diary revels that Amelia Brush (1806-1876)    was an extremely active lady.  Many national and local events are documented in the diary, including events such as the New York draft riots in 1863, local Civil War casualties, local efforts to     support the soldiers on the battlefield, the death and national mourning after the death of President Lincoln and the extension 


Annals of Huntington & Book of Chronicles

November 1864  -  July 1866


This Civil War era journal, written by an unknown individual, contains an almost daily account of Huntington’s social, political and personal events.


The front page of the Long Islander published on Friday, April 14th 1865.

Video of the flag being raised to the ceiling

The flag hanging in the domed ceiling is a 35 star, 150 year old flag that according to the accession papers, flew over Fulton Street on July 8, 1865 when the 127th regiment returned from the Civil War.  The majority of the men from Huntington who fought in the war were part of that unit.  It has been in the collection of the Huntington Historical Society for over 100 years.  It is quite possible that this was the flag’s last public use.   Nevada was the 36th state to enter the Union on  October 31, 1864.  By law, the official flag of the United States has 13 stripes and a field of stars that represent each state in the union as of July

The Video to the left shows the 12 by 20 foot flag being raised to the ceiling at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building.