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On April 12th, 2011, our new exhibit on the Civil War opened at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building.  This was 150 years, to the day, after the first shots were fired on Fort Sumter marking the beginning of the American Civil War.  It is appropriate that the exhibit be mounted in this building which was built  in 1892 as a memorial to the 40 Huntingtonians who died, for the union,  fighting in that war.

The inspiration for the exhibit was the return of a portrait of Jacob Conklin Walters in his uniform, one of the first  members of our community to die in the war.  The portrait passed through the Walters family , ultimately ending up in the care of his great-grandson John Ferguson.  After he died, John's widow Joan offered it to the family and they weren't interested in it, and she felt it belonged up here and returned  it to Huntington under the care of the Society.

The portrait (shown above) is on display along with a collection of memorabilia  from that era.  There is a selection of flags, from that period from the Society's extensive collection of historical flags, some of which are shown here.  The most significant flag, shown above, is the large 5 foot by 8 foot piece with a star shaped arrangement of stars (shown above), made by the women of Huntington and flown over the Sammis store, shown below, following notification of each Union victory.

Some of the other scenes from the exhibit, and the opening, are shown.