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Trade School Expansion for Improved Archives                
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Archives Expansion Ground Breaking

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A Panel of community leaders, including business persons, merchants and real estate professionals as well as neighboring property owners have selected a winning proposal, from five architect's proposals, for how the Trade School building shall be expanded to accommodate a larger, more accessible Resource Center.  You can see what the selected proposal looks like below.
This design has been submitted to the State for approval.

Trade School Today

The expansion will be built in the vacant lot west (to the left) of the Trade School building.  The plans must expand the Society's climate-controlled storage space, renovate the historic structure and construct a courtyard leading into the building for $1 million or less.  The project also must address water infiltration issues, exterior brickwork, door and window upgrades; expand HVAC, fire suppression and energy-efficient lighting upgrades and create handicapped access.

This upgrade of the Archives storage space has been a long-standing goal of the Huntington Historical Society.  We are pleased and excited to be moving into the construction phase.