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                                               Apple Festival, 2012

What a great day.  The weather was perfect and more that 1000 Long Islanders came to participate in the event.  The children played traditional games, tried old-time crafts and enjoyed the tunes of traditional music.  Hundreds of adults and children participated in the "Vampire Wedding" in the Scary Boo Barn, and many more could not bring themselves to enter.  However, for those not brave enough for the Vampire Wedding there was "The Frost is on the Pumpkin."  Something for everyone.
Of course the highlight of the day for most of the people was the scarecrow making.  Children and adults alike created their ideal scarecrows.  Another popular pastime was the pumpkin painting.  Many wonderful designs and much satisfaction.

Video of the Boo Barn


Other Scenes from the day's actvities