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2007 Apple Festival


The leaves are falling and the crops are being taken in.  Apples are dropping from the trees and the Society celebrated the coming of fall.  More that 1200 Long Islanders came to participate in the Apple Festival.  The children played traditional games, tried old-time crafts and danced to the tunes of traditional music.  Hundreds of adults and children went through the Spooky "Boo" Barn, and many more could not bring themselves to enter the inner sanctum.  It was a day to remember.


With the perfect autumn weather everyone enjoyed traditional demonstrations such as butter churning and candle dipping; the silversmith, the scrimshaw making and the revolutionary soldier; as our costumed interpreters “prepared” for winter.  Pumpkin painting was favorite  with many of the festival participants.  Then there were the old favorites, face painting and yarn doll making.




The children and adults participated in a festival favorite activity and made their own genuine life sized scarecrows, while everyone enjoyed  lots of delicious harvest foods such as candy apples and pies, muffins and hotdogs.  We all had a wonderful time.






Here are some of the scenes from the day.