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Our Annual Request for your Support


We all know what it takes to keep up a home but imagine keeping up five homes.  Five old homes, the youngest 100 years old, the oldest 256 years old.  The Huntington Historical Society is in that position.    Imagine maintaining old heating plants, leaking roofs, deteriorating fences, electrical systems, bathrooms, overgrown trees and that's the short list.
When possible, much of the repair work is done by volunteers saving labor cost but not material costs.  Many maintenance items require professionals as well as conservation professionals at even greater expense. The Huntington Historical Society is committed to the preservation of the five properties on the National Register of Historical places in our care.  These fine buildings not only represent the history of Huntington but house a treasure of artifacts, donated by residents of Huntington, reflecting over 250 years of life in Huntington.

Your donation to the Annual Appeal is important to the Society in many areas: education programs, exhibits, events, genealogy as well as maintenance.  Please help.

 You can either pay using your credit or debit card via PayPal or you can send us a check at 2 High Street, Huntington or CAll (631) 427-7045, Ext 401.  See the form below.

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  Printable Version of the Form
  Printable Version of the Form