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The  2007 Calendar of events


January 9 Membership renewal appeal
  24 Genealogy workshop meeting. 
7:00 pm at the Huntington Public Library
Family Heirlooms, Treasures and More
Presentations by members.  Bring a tangible object (artifact, document, letter, photograph, etc) and the story behind it to share.
What is the treasure?
How did you obtain it?
Why do you treasure it?
Who was the original owner?
After each brief presentation, Art Sniffin will discuss possible measures of preserving the object with quality archival products. There will be a display of archival supply catalogs, including a major preservation guide which can be used for reference at the Society Archives and Resource Center.
February 28 Genealogy Workshop meeting
7:00 pm at the Huntington Public Library
"What's Up Doc?" an Rx for careful analysis and diagnosis of genealogical documents and related materials.  by Joanne R. Heffernan who is a licensed New York State teacher and has been doing family research for 47 years, exploring six nationalities.  She has been a member of the Italian Genealogical Group since 1993, and currently teaches their Beginners Workshop, has written numerous articles, does private mentoring, and lectures extensively on cemetery research and other family history subjects.
March 15 Conklin House lecture 1
Refreshments 1:30 pm ,Lecture 2:00in the Conklin Barn
"Journeys on Old Long Island" by Dr. Natalie Naylor.
Dr. Naylor will share excerpts from the book of the same name, highlighting Long Island life from 1744 to 1893.
  18 Special "Members Only" Lecture at 2:00 PM in the Conklin barn.
"Do You Know Your Ancestors?" by Arthur Sniffin
Discover how you can find them because every person in your family tree is a story waiting to be told!  Genealogy is like a big jig saw puzzle with lots of pieces missing.  Join Arthur Sniffin, Program Chair of our Genealogy Workshop, for a basic “Getting Started” lecture which will start you on your way to finding out your own family history.  Arthur will discuss the various home sources to look for, how to interview relatives, fundamentals of preparing ancestor and family group sheets, and recording information gathered from various sources.  In addition, participants will learn how to use primary and secondary sources, and the need for proper citations.  Registration is required for this "Member’s Only" lecture so please reserve today at 631-427-7045, ext. 401. 
  28 Genealogy workshop meeting
7:00 pm at the Huntington Public Library
Demonstration and Instructions on how to use "Map My Family Tree," a computer gazetteer, to find and correctly input town and county names and more, in your records.  by Don Eckerle.
Mr. Eckerle is a charter member and past president of the German Genealogy Group, currently Vice President and Membership Chair.  Other memberships include Genealogy Workshop, Italian Genealogy Group, and Irish Family History Forum.  He is a volunteer at the Plainview Family History Center and the National Archives and has lectured to groups on naturalization, ship manifests, and World War i records.  He cerates, and maintains and updates all of the databases for the indexing projects and the Genealogy Federation of Long Island, that contains over 10 million records.
    Spring annual appeal
April   Genealogy Federation of Long Island, Stony Brook
  19 Conklin House lecture 2,
Refreshments 1:30 pm ,Lecture 2:00in the Conklin Barn
"They came on Ships" by Arthur Sniffin., Chair of the Society's Genealogical Workshop.  Discover strategies for researching your family's roots through immigration and naturalization records,
  15 Special lecture on Historic Baseball in the Conklin barn, 2 High Street, at 12:00 Noon, by Gary Monti, Senior Advisor to Old Bethpage Village's Old Time Base Ball program.  Refreshments and Raffle.  $15 per person.  Reservations required.  CAll (631) 427-7045, Ext. 401 or 405.
  25 Genealogy workshop  meeting
7:00 pm at the Huntington Public Library
May 6 Sheep to Shawl Festival, Dr. Daniel W. Kissam House Museum property
Noon till 4:00
  17 Conklin House lecture 3,
Refreshments 1:30 pm ,Lecture 2:00in the Conklin Barn
"Long Island and the Civil War"  Harrison Hunt, an Historic Site Supervisor for Nassau County.
An old fashioned return to yesteryear:  real sheep shearing demos, weaving, crafts and games for children, food and traditional live music.  Admission free.
  18 Preparation for the Antique Show
  19 Heritage Antique Show at Huntington
Come Browse with usMore that 40 quality dealers in room setting booths featuring jewelry, furniture, folk art, and accessories.  Refreshments are available in a quiet, relaxed environment, and entertainment is provided for selected portions
  20 Heritage Antique Show at Huntington (Continued)
  20 Salt Lake City research trip (out to May 27)
  30 Lefferts Tide mill tour, 11:00 am
June 3 Annual meeting,
  8 Lefferts Tide mill tour, 11:30 am
  29 Lefferts Tide mill tour, 11:15 am
  20 Genealogy Workshop  meeting
7:00 pm at the Conklin Barn
  25 Passport to the Past 1 (2 weeks)
July 9 Passport to the Past 2 (2 weeks)
  13 Lefferts Tide mill tour,  11:00 am
  23 Passport to the Past, 3 (2 weeks)
  27 Lefferts Tide mill tour,  10:00 am
August 10 Lefferts Tide mill tour ,  10:00 am
  20 Volunteer lunch, Conklin barn
  27 Lefferts Tide mill tour,  11:00 am
September 10 Lefferts Tide mill tour,  11:15 am
  15 An Evening of Wine Under the Stars - Dr. Daniel W. Kissam House Museum
  20 Conklin lecture 4,
Refreshments 1:30 pm ,Lecture 2:00in the Conklin Barn
  26 Genealogy Workshop meeting  at 7:00 pm at the Huntington Public Library
The lecture, "Family History Research Within the Custom House Records of the National Archives - New York" will be given by Dorothy Dougherty, currently the Public Programs Specialist at the Archives.  Her Responsibilities include public education and outreach efforts for NARA's Northeast Region.  The National Archives has a number of records useful for genealogical research, and Ms. Dougherty will discuss those of the Custom House.
  28 Lefferts Tide mill tour,  12:45 pm
October   Oktoberfest Celebration and Lecture,
  12 Lefferts Tide mill tour,  12:30 pm
  14 Apple Festival, Dr. Daniel W. Kissam House Museum property
Noon to 4:00
  26 Lefferts Tide mill tour,  11:30 am
  27 Conklin lecture 5, Special Lecture:  "Ghosts of Long Island, Stories of the Paranormal", 7:30 to 9:00 pm with refreshments at 7:00, Local author, photographer and historian, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky, has been working with Paranormal Investigator, Joe Giaquinto, on assignment researching and investigating haunted places throughout Long Island. Ms. Brosky is the author of two books on Huntington’s history, and now she is branching out to include many untold tales in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Thirty ghost stories, accompanied by photographs, will appear in the book, with a forward written by Joe Giaquinto. Stories will include live interviews, legends, myths, murders and some never before told tales of the unexplainable.   Free for members. $10 for non-members.  Reservations required. Appropriate for ages 12 and up.
  31 Genealogy Workshop, at 7:00 pm at the South Huntington Public Library on Pidgeon Hill Road
Stephen P. Morse, Renowned genealogical innovator will speak on the topic "One Step Web Pages: A potpourri of Genealogical Search Tools"
November 15 Conklin lecture 6, Remembering our Huntington Ancestors through Stories and Gravestones, at 2:00 pm, with refreshments at 1:30 pm, Society Members free, Nonmembers $5.
What attracts people to important area cemeteries?  These cultural resources, when respectfully maintained, abound with fine art, local history, and great human interest stories.   Robert Hughes, Huntington Town Historian, will reveal current conservation efforts and strategies for the Old Burying Ground in Huntington Village.  Rex Metcalf, Historian and Lecturer, will recount some of the great human interest stories that these gravesites bid us to remember.  Please join us!
Please phone the Huntington Historical Society for reservations and/or further information at 631-427-7045 Ext 403.
December 2 Holiday Historic House tour, We invite you to celebrate the holiday season by joining us for this exceptional  tour between noon and 4:00 pm.  This charming tour, "Five Centuries of Huntington Homes," will feature homes form the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, each one chosen for its distinct design and historical details.  Refreshments, as well as an exhibit on the "Sleds and Sleighs of Huntington" in the Kissam House barn, are also included in the Tour's $30 ticket price
  12 Genealogy Workshop, Holiday party, Sharing memories